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Real Estate Investment Trusts poised to bounce back as pandemic eases

29 June 2022

Marc Edelberg, Partner at Mazars Cape Town, explains how remote working and the rise of e-tailing have catalysed an interesting shift in the future trajectory of REITs both locally and globally. After the economic uncertainties of the pandemic recession, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are ...

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Benefits of Pre-qualification and understanding your buying power

24 June 2022

Did you know that getting pre-qualified should be your first step on the property journey - even before getting a real estate agent or looking around for properties? Before you can understand the importance of pre-qualification, you need to understand your credit profile - this is true not only ...

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A guide to subletting

23 June 2022

Subletting can sometimes be a tempting solution when life changes unexpectedly during the timespan of your lease agreement. While this can be a useful solution when undertaken correctly, subletting can also be incredibly risky, especially when correct procedures are not followed. According to Adr...

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Valid BEE certificates are compulsory by 31 October

22 June 2022

<b>In terms of the Property Practitioners' Act (PP Act) and Regulations, which have been in full force since 1 February 2022, all property practitioners will need to submit valid Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) certificates to apply for or renew their fidelity fund certificates (FFCs). This a...

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